About us.

Las Moiras is a restaurant and a cabaret where art and gastronomy are merged in order to offer you a unique space in which you can grow culturally while you enjoy a show and an exquisite wine recommended by our sommelier.

We don’t just offer a service,
we offer a complete experience.

Everynight we delight our guests with our gourmet cuisine, winery and art gallery.
For dessert, we offer different theatrical plays, live music, films, clown, dance and some… saucier performances, let’s say.

Actors and actresses as staff, mysticism, pop-up acts, direct stimulation for your senses, these are some of the strangenesses you are bound to find once you decide to walk through Las Moiras’ red curtain.

Our restaurant.

Our gourmet relishes come to life by the hand of our chef Paul Calderón.

Lots of fruits, coconut and some panamanian chili. At Las Moiras, we eat like goddesses.

Wednesday to Saturday/ 6:33pm – 12:03am
Sunday/ 12:03pm – 5:03pm

Where are we?

We are located in San Pedro, Montes de Oca.

Our Costa Rican address goes like this:

100m East and 100m North from the Fuente de la Hispanidad. Corner house, wine colored walls